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ModifiableEvent Class Reference

Immutable event modified by the state of modifier keys. More...

Inheritance diagram for ModifiableEvent:
Event ActionEvent DragEvent GamepadEvent KeyEvent MouseEvent

Public Member Functions

int getModifiers ()
 Modifier keys. More...
ModifiableEvent new (Object source, int id, int modifiers)
 Create event. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Event
int getIdentifier ()
 Event identifier. More...
Object getSource ()
 Event source. More...
Event new (Object source, int id)
 Create event. More...

Public Attributes

final int ALT = 0h4
 Alt key pressed. More...
final int CONTROL = 0h2
 Control key pressed. More...
final int SHIFT = 0h1
 Shift key pressed. More...

Detailed Description

Immutable event modified by the state of modifier keys.

Roland Pl├╝ss

Member Function Documentation

◆ getModifiers()

int getModifiers ( )

Modifier keys.

◆ new()

ModifiableEvent new ( Object  source,
int  id,
int  modifiers 

Create event.

Member Data Documentation


final int ALT = 0h4

Alt key pressed.


final int CONTROL = 0h2

Control key pressed.


final int SHIFT = 0h1

Shift key pressed.

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