Drag[en]gine Script Module DragonScript Script API  1.0
DragMousePointer Class Reference
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DefaultMousePointer MousePointer

Public Member Functions

Image getDragImage ()
float getDragTransparency ()
Image getImage ()
Point getOffsetDragImage ()
Point getOffsetImage ()
DragMousePointer new ()
DragMousePointer new (Image image)
DragMousePointer new (Image image, Point offset)
DragMousePointer new (Image image, Point offset, float transparency)
void setDragImage (Image image)
void setDragTransparency (float transparency)
void setImage (Image image)
void setOffsetDragImage (Point offset)
void setOffsetImage (Point offset)
void updateGeometry ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from DefaultMousePointer
Canvas getCanvas ()
CanvasView getCanvasView ()
Point getOffset ()
Point getPosition ()
Point getSize ()
float getTransparency ()
DefaultMousePointer new (Point size)
DefaultMousePointer new (Point size, Point offset)
DefaultMousePointer new (Point size, Point offset, float transparency)
void setOffset (Point offset)
void setPosition (Point position)
void setSize (Point size)
void setTransparency (float transparency)

Detailed Description

A mouse pointer for typical drag operations. In addition to the mouse pointer image a semi-transparent image of the drag object is displayed underneath the mouse pointer. The offset is measured to the mouse pointer position as it is the case in the simple mouse pointer class.

Roland Pl├╝ss

Member Function Documentation

◆ getDragImage()

Image getDragImage ( )

Drag image.

◆ getDragTransparency()

float getDragTransparency ( )

Drag image transparency.

◆ getImage()

Image getImage ( )

Retrieves the image.

◆ getOffsetDragImage()

Point getOffsetDragImage ( )

Offset drag image.

◆ getOffsetImage()

Point getOffsetImage ( )

Offset image.

◆ new() [1/4]

Creates a new simple mouse pointer.

◆ new() [2/4]

DragMousePointer new ( Image  image)

Creates a new simple mouse pointer.

◆ new() [3/4]

DragMousePointer new ( Image  image,
Point  offset 

Creates a new simple mouse pointer.

◆ new() [4/4]

DragMousePointer new ( Image  image,
Point  offset,
float  transparency 

Creates a new simple mouse pointer.

◆ setDragImage()

void setDragImage ( Image  image)

Set drag image.

◆ setDragTransparency()

void setDragTransparency ( float  transparency)

Set drag image transparency.

◆ setImage()

void setImage ( Image  image)

Sets the image.

◆ setOffsetDragImage()

void setOffsetDragImage ( Point  offset)

Set offset drag image.

◆ setOffsetImage()

void setOffsetImage ( Point  offset)

Set offset image.

◆ updateGeometry()

void updateGeometry ( )

Update size and position of canvas.

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