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ToggleButtonGroup Class Reference

Toggle button group. More...

Inheritance diagram for ToggleButtonGroup:
DefaultStateChangeListener StateChangeListener

Public Member Functions

void add (ToggleButton button)
 Add button to group. More...
void forEach (Block ablock)
 Visit each button in the group with a block. More...
ToggleButton getAt (int index)
 Button at index. More...
int getCount ()
 Number of buttons in group. More...
ToggleButtonGroup new ()
 Create toggle button group. More...
void remove (ToggleButton button)
 Remove button from group. More...
void removeAll ()
 Remove all buttons from group. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from DefaultStateChangeListener
DefaultStateChangeListener new ()
 Create default state change listener. More...
void onStateChanged (StateChangeEvent event)
 Widget changed state. More...

Detailed Description

Toggle button group.

Ensures at most one toggle button in the group is toggled at each time.

Roland Pl├╝ss

Member Function Documentation

◆ add()

void add ( ToggleButton  button)

Add button to group.

◆ forEach()

void forEach ( Block  ablock)

Visit each button in the group with a block.

◆ getAt()

ToggleButton getAt ( int  index)

Button at index.

◆ getCount()

int getCount ( )

Number of buttons in group.

◆ new()

Create toggle button group.

◆ remove()

void remove ( ToggleButton  button)

Remove button from group.

◆ removeAll()

void removeAll ( )

Remove all buttons from group.

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