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WheelActionMouseListener Class Reference

Mouse listener firing ActionListener objects upon using mouse wheel. More...

Inheritance diagram for WheelActionMouseListener:
DefaultMouseListener MouseListener

Public Member Functions

WheelActionMouseListener new (ActionListener actionUp, ActionListener actionDown)
 Create mouse listener. More...
void onMouseWheel (MouseEvent event)
 Mouse wheel has moved. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from DefaultMouseListener
DefaultMouseListener new ()
 Create default mouse listener. More...
void onButtonPress (MouseEvent event)
 Mouse button has been pressed. More...
void onButtonRelease (MouseEvent event)
 Mouse button has been released. More...
void onMouseEnter (MouseEvent event)
 Mouse has entered widget.. More...
void onMouseLeave (MouseEvent event)
 Mouse has left widget. More...
void onMouseMove (MouseEvent event)
 Mouse has moved. More...
void onMouseWheel (MouseEvent event)
 Mouse wheel moved. More...

Detailed Description

Mouse listener firing ActionListener objects upon using mouse wheel.

Allows to set up quickly two actions for using the mouse wheel. The modifiers are repeated in the ActionEvent send to the action. Action is called number of times the wheel has been changed for each event received.

Member Function Documentation

◆ new()

WheelActionMouseListener new ( ActionListener  actionUp,
ActionListener  actionDown 

Create mouse listener.

◆ onMouseWheel()

void onMouseWheel ( MouseEvent  event)

Mouse wheel has moved.

Implements MouseListener.

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