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Widget.RepeatKeyEventTimer Class Reference

Repeat key event timer. More...

Inheritance diagram for Widget.RepeatKeyEventTimer:

Public Member Functions

void fire ()
 Timer elapsed. More...
KeyEvent getEvent ()
 Event to repeat. More...
RepeatKeyEventTimer new (Widget widget, KeyEvent event)
 Create time. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Timer
void advance (float elapsed)
void fire ()
float getElapsedTime ()
bool getIsPeriodic ()
float getRemainingTime ()
TimerManager getTimerManager ()
float getTriggerTime ()
void giveUp ()
Timer new (float triggerTime, bool periodic)
Timer new (TimerManager manager, float triggerTime, bool periodic)
void setElapsedTime (float elapsedTime)
void setIsPeriodic (bool periodic)
void setTriggerTime (float triggerTime)

Detailed Description

Repeat key event timer.

Member Function Documentation

◆ fire()

void fire ( )

Timer elapsed.

◆ getEvent()

KeyEvent getEvent ( )

Event to repeat.

◆ new()

RepeatKeyEventTimer new ( Widget  widget,
KeyEvent  event 

Create time.

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