Drag[en]gine Script Module DragonScript Script API  1.0
Loaders Class Reference

Hold all engine provided loaders. More...

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Public Member Functions

void addDefaultPersistencyFactories (Persistency persistency)
 Add default persistency factories. More...
LoadAnimator getAnimator ()
 Animator loader. More...
LoadAnnouncer getAnnouncer ()
 Announcer loader. More...
LoadBindings getBindings ()
 Bindings loader. More...
LoadBorder getBorder ()
 Border loader. More...
LoadCanvasCreator getCanvasCreator ()
 Canvas creator loader. More...
LoadConversation getConversation ()
 Conversation loader. More...
LoadDecoration getDecoration ()
 Decoration loader. More...
LoadWidgetDesigner getDesigner ()
 Designer loader. More...
LoadDynamicMusic getDynamicMusic ()
 Dynamic music loader. More...
LoadElementClass getElementClass ()
 Element class loader. More...
LoadGuiTheme getGuiTheme ()
 Gui theme loader. More...
LoadHeightTerrainNavSpace getHeightTerrainNavSpace ()
 Height terrain navspace loader. More...
LoadHeightTerrainSector getHeightTerrainSector ()
 Height terrain sector loader. More...
LoadMousePointer getMousePointer ()
 Mouse pointer loader. More...
LoadNavigationSpace getNavigationSpace ()
 Navigation space loader. More...
LoadParticleEmitter getParticleEmitter ()
 Particle emitter loader. More...
Persistency getPersistency ()
 Persistency. More...
LoadSky getSky ()
 Load skyanimation. More...
LoadSpeechAnimation getSpeechAnimation ()
 Load speech animation. More...
LoadStyledTextDefinition getStyledTextDefinition ()
 Styled text document loader. More...
LoadSynthesizer getSynthesizer ()
 Synthesizer loader. More...
LoadVoice getVoice ()
 Voice loader. More...
LoadWorld getWorld ()
 World loader. More...
Loaders new (Console console)
 Create loaders instance. More...

Detailed Description

Hold all engine provided loaders.

Create an instance of this class in your project to use existing engine loaders. Some loaders can be configurated. You should set their parameters after creating an instance of this class:

Also provided is an instance of Persistency to support loading and saving complex objects. To use persistency you have to create an instance of PersistencyEnvironment using the configurated persistency instance. Before using persistency you have to add all PersistencyFactory instances you need to the persistency instance. The default cast of factories is added during construction time using addDefaultPersistencyFactories().

Extend class to add your own loaders keeping them in a single place.

Member Function Documentation

◆ addDefaultPersistencyFactories()

void addDefaultPersistencyFactories ( Persistency  persistency)

Add default persistency factories.

Includes various persistency factories for classes supporting persistency. There is usually no reason to change this method. Subclass should add additional persistency factories elsewhere.

◆ getAnimator()

LoadAnimator getAnimator ( )

Animator loader.

◆ getAnnouncer()

LoadAnnouncer getAnnouncer ( )

Announcer loader.

◆ getBindings()

LoadBindings getBindings ( )

Bindings loader.

◆ getBorder()

LoadBorder getBorder ( )

Border loader.

◆ getCanvasCreator()

LoadCanvasCreator getCanvasCreator ( )

Canvas creator loader.

◆ getConversation()

LoadConversation getConversation ( )

Conversation loader.

◆ getDecoration()

LoadDecoration getDecoration ( )

Decoration loader.

◆ getDesigner()

LoadWidgetDesigner getDesigner ( )

Designer loader.

◆ getDynamicMusic()

LoadDynamicMusic getDynamicMusic ( )

Dynamic music loader.

◆ getElementClass()

LoadElementClass getElementClass ( )

Element class loader.

◆ getGuiTheme()

LoadGuiTheme getGuiTheme ( )

Gui theme loader.

◆ getHeightTerrainNavSpace()

LoadHeightTerrainNavSpace getHeightTerrainNavSpace ( )

Height terrain navspace loader.

◆ getHeightTerrainSector()

LoadHeightTerrainSector getHeightTerrainSector ( )

Height terrain sector loader.

◆ getMousePointer()

LoadMousePointer getMousePointer ( )

Mouse pointer loader.

◆ getNavigationSpace()

LoadNavigationSpace getNavigationSpace ( )

Navigation space loader.

◆ getParticleEmitter()

LoadParticleEmitter getParticleEmitter ( )

Particle emitter loader.

◆ getPersistency()

Persistency getPersistency ( )

◆ getSky()

LoadSky getSky ( )

Load skyanimation.

◆ getSpeechAnimation()

LoadSpeechAnimation getSpeechAnimation ( )

Load speech animation.

◆ getStyledTextDefinition()

LoadStyledTextDefinition getStyledTextDefinition ( )

Styled text document loader.

◆ getSynthesizer()

LoadSynthesizer getSynthesizer ( )

Synthesizer loader.

◆ getVoice()

LoadVoice getVoice ( )

Voice loader.

◆ getWorld()

LoadWorld getWorld ( )

World loader.

◆ new()

Loaders new ( Console  console)

Create loaders instance.

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