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PreloadCounter Class Reference

Counter for keeping track of preloading progress. More...

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Public Member Functions

void decrease ()
 Decrement counter by one. More...
void decreaseBy (int count)
 Decrement counter by amount. More...
PreloadCounter getParent ()
 Parent counter or null. More...
int getValue ()
 Counter value. More...
void increase ()
 Increment counter by one. More...
void increaseBy (int count)
 Increment counter by amount. More...
bool isNotZero ()
 Counter has not yet reach zero. More...
bool isZero ()
 Counter reached zero. More...
PreloadCounter new ()
 Create preload counter. More...
void reset ()
 Reset counter to 0. More...
void setParent (PreloadCounter counter)
 Set parent counter or null. More...

Detailed Description

Counter for keeping track of preloading progress.

If a parent counter is set the parent counter is decremented too each time this counter is decremented. Allows to monitor preload progress using a single parent preload counter while being still able to monitor individual progress.

Member Function Documentation

◆ decrease()

void decrease ( )

Decrement counter by one.

◆ decreaseBy()

void decreaseBy ( int  count)

Decrement counter by amount.

◆ getParent()

PreloadCounter getParent ( )

Parent counter or null.

◆ getValue()

int getValue ( )

Counter value.

◆ increase()

void increase ( )

Increment counter by one.

◆ increaseBy()

void increaseBy ( int  count)

Increment counter by amount.

◆ isNotZero()

bool isNotZero ( )

Counter has not yet reach zero.

◆ isZero()

bool isZero ( )

Counter reached zero.

◆ new()

PreloadCounter new ( )

Create preload counter.

◆ reset()

void reset ( )

Reset counter to 0.

◆ setParent()

void setParent ( PreloadCounter  counter)

Set parent counter or null.

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