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CachedVegetation Class Reference

Cached vegetation. More...

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Public Member Functions

CachedVegetation new (float sectorDimension, int propfieldCellCount)
 Create cached vegetation object. More...
void setCollisionFilter (CollisionFilter collisionFilter)
 Set collision filter for all prop fields. More...
void hasSector (Point coordinates)
 Sector with coordinates exists. More...
void addSector (Point coordinates, String cacheFile)
 Add sector using cache file. More...
void removeSector (Point coordinates)
 Remove sector. More...
void removeAllSectors ()
 Remove all sectors. More...
void setWorld (World world)
 Set world or null to clear. More...

Detailed Description

Cached vegetation.

Manages prop fields using vegetation cache files created by the IGDE World Editor. This is a native class.

Roland Pl├╝ss

Member Function Documentation

◆ addSector()

void addSector ( Point  coordinates,
String  cacheFile 

Add sector using cache file.

◆ hasSector()

void hasSector ( Point  coordinates)

Sector with coordinates exists.

◆ new()

CachedVegetation new ( float  sectorDimension,
int  propfieldCellCount 

Create cached vegetation object.

Creates prop fields.

EInvalidParamsectorDimension is less than 1.
EInvalidParampropfieldCellCount is less than 1,

◆ removeAllSectors()

void removeAllSectors ( )

Remove all sectors.

◆ removeSector()

void removeSector ( Point  coordinates)

Remove sector.

EInvalidParamNo sector exists with coordinates.

◆ setCollisionFilter()

void setCollisionFilter ( CollisionFilter  collisionFilter)

Set collision filter for all prop fields.

◆ setWorld()

void setWorld ( World  world)

Set world or null to clear.

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