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ElementProperty Class Referenceabstract
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Public Member Functions

bool equals (Object obj)
String getName ()
int getType ()
Object getValue (Element element)
bool isColorType ()
bool isStringType ()
bool isTexelType ()
bool isValueType ()
bool isVectorType ()
ElementProperty new (String name, int type)

Public Attributes

final int TYPE_COLOR = 5
final int TYPE_STRING = 1
final int TYPE_TEXEL = 4
final int TYPE_VALUE = 2
final int TYPE_VECTOR = 3

Detailed Description

Describes a Property of an element class. A Property composes of a unique name and the type of the value stored. A Property is also able to retrieve or set the value in an element object.

Roland Pl├╝ss

Member Function Documentation

bool equals ( Object  obj)

Determines if this property is equal to some other object. Two properties are equal if they have the same name.

objObject to compare to
True if both property objects have the same name
String getName ( )

Retrieve the name of the property.

int getType ( )

Retrieve the type of the property.

Object getValue ( Element  element)

Gets the value of the property in the given element.

bool isColorType ( )

Determines if the property is of Color type.

bool isStringType ( )

Determines if the property is of String type.

bool isTexelType ( )

Determines if the property is of Texel type.

bool isValueType ( )

Determines if the property is of Value type.

bool isVectorType ( )

Determines if the property is of Vector type.

ElementProperty new ( String  name,
int  type 

Creates a new Property object.

Member Data Documentation

final int TYPE_COLOR = 5

Color Type

final int TYPE_STRING = 1

String Type

final int TYPE_TEXEL = 4

Texel Type

final int TYPE_VALUE = 2

Value Type

final int TYPE_VECTOR = 3

Vector Type

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