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ElementTheme Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

Component createComponent ()
String getDescription ()
Model getModel ()
String getName ()
Skin getSkin ()
ElementTheme new (String name, String desc, Model model, Skin skin)

Detailed Description

Describes a theme for an element. Element themes are often used in element class objects to keep an array of possible skin or model variations for an element.

Roland Pl├╝ss

Member Function Documentation

◆ createComponent()

Component createComponent ( )

Creates a component from this theme.

◆ getDescription()

String getDescription ( )

Retrieves the description of the element theme.

◆ getModel()

Model getModel ( )

Retrieves the model of the element theme.

◆ getName()

String getName ( )

Retrieves the name of the element theme.

◆ getSkin()

Skin getSkin ( )

Retrieves the skin of the element theme.

◆ new()

ElementTheme new ( String  name,
String  desc,
Model  model,
Skin  skin 

Creates a new ElementTheme object.

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