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PropField Class Reference

Prop field. More...

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Public Member Functions

PropField new ()
 Create prop field. More...
void setPosition (DVector position)
 Set position of the prop field. More...
PropFieldListener getListener ()
 Listener or null if not set. More...
void setListener (PropFieldListener listener)
 Set listener or null if not set. More...
int addType (Model model, Skin skin, float rotPerForce, float restitution, CollisionFilter collisionFilter, int instanceCount)
 Add type returning the type index. More...
void removeAllTypes ()
 Remove all types. More...
void setInstanceAt (int type, int instance, Vector position, Vector rotation, float scaling)
 Set properties of a type. More...

Detailed Description

Prop field.

This is a native class.

Roland Pl├╝ss

Member Function Documentation

◆ addType()

int addType ( Model  model,
Skin  skin,
float  rotPerForce,
float  restitution,
CollisionFilter  collisionFilter,
int  instanceCount 

Add type returning the type index.

◆ getListener()

PropFieldListener getListener ( )

Listener or null if not set.

◆ new()

PropField new ( )

Create prop field.

◆ removeAllTypes()

void removeAllTypes ( )

Remove all types.

◆ setInstanceAt()

void setInstanceAt ( int  type,
int  instance,
Vector  position,
Vector  rotation,
float  scaling 

Set properties of a type.

EOutOfBoundarytype is less than 0 or larger than or equal to type count.

◆ setListener()

void setListener ( PropFieldListener  listener)

Set listener or null if not set.

◆ setPosition()

void setPosition ( DVector  position)

Set position of the prop field.

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