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TemporaryDecal Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

void decreaseTimeToLive (float amount)
Decal getDecal ()
Component getParentComponent ()
float getTimeToLive ()
TemporaryDecal new (Decal decal, Component component)
void setTimeToLive (float ttl)

Detailed Description

Describes a temporary decal attached to a component. Typical temporary decals are weapon damages. To avoid hogging memory and loosing speed these temporary decals only stay alive for a given amount of time before they are removed. Since most of the time temporary decals are based on their living time a timer parameter is already included. The default interpretation of this parameter is to indicate the time to live in seconds.

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Member Function Documentation

◆ decreaseTimeToLive()

void decreaseTimeToLive ( float  amount)

Decrease the time to live.

◆ getDecal()

Decal getDecal ( )

Retrieves the decal.

◆ getParentComponent()

Component getParentComponent ( )

Retrieves the parent component or null.

◆ getTimeToLive()

float getTimeToLive ( )

Retrieves the time to live.

◆ new()

TemporaryDecal new ( Decal  decal,
Component  component 

Creates a new temporary decal.

◆ setTimeToLive()

void setTimeToLive ( float  ttl)

Sets the time to live.

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