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VideoPlayer Class Reference

Video player resources. More...

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Public Member Functions

VideoPlayer new ()
 Create video player. More...
Video getVideo ()
 Video or null if not set. More...
void setVideo (Video sound)
 Set video or null to unset. More...
bool getLooping ()
 Video is looping. More...
void setLooping (bool looping)
 Set if video is looping. More...
float getPlayFrom ()
 Start play position. More...
float getPlayTo ()
 End play position. More...
void setPlayRange (float playFrom, float playTo)
 Set play range. More...
float getPlayPosition ()
 Play position. More...
void setPlayPosition (float position)
 Set play position. More...
float getPlaySpeed ()
 Play speed. More...
void setPlaySpeed (float playSpeed)
 Set play speed. More...
bool getPlaying ()
 Video is playing back. More...
bool getPaused ()
 Video is paused. More...
bool getStopped ()
 Video is stopped. More...
void play ()
 Start playing. More...
void stop ()
 Stop playing. More...
void pause ()
 Pause playing. More...
void update (float elapsed)
 Update video player. More...

Detailed Description

Video player resources.

This is a native class.

Roland Pl├╝ss

Member Function Documentation

◆ getLooping()

bool getLooping ( )

Video is looping.

◆ getPaused()

bool getPaused ( )

Video is paused.

◆ getPlayFrom()

float getPlayFrom ( )

Start play position.

◆ getPlaying()

bool getPlaying ( )

Video is playing back.

◆ getPlayPosition()

float getPlayPosition ( )

Play position.

◆ getPlaySpeed()

float getPlaySpeed ( )

Play speed.

◆ getPlayTo()

float getPlayTo ( )

End play position.

◆ getStopped()

bool getStopped ( )

Video is stopped.

◆ getVideo()

Video getVideo ( )

Video or null if not set.

◆ new()

VideoPlayer new ( )

Create video player.

◆ pause()

void pause ( )

Pause playing.

◆ play()

void play ( )

Start playing.

◆ setLooping()

void setLooping ( bool  looping)

Set if video is looping.

◆ setPlayPosition()

void setPlayPosition ( float  position)

Set play position.

◆ setPlayRange()

void setPlayRange ( float  playFrom,
float  playTo 

Set play range.

◆ setPlaySpeed()

void setPlaySpeed ( float  playSpeed)

Set play speed.

◆ setVideo()

void setVideo ( Video  sound)

Set video or null to unset.

◆ stop()

void stop ( )

Stop playing.

◆ update()

void update ( float  elapsed)

Update video player.

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