Drag[en]gine Script Module DragonScript Script API  1.0
World Class Reference

World. More...

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Public Member Functions

World new ()
 Create world. More...
void update (float elapsed)
 Update the world. More...
DVector getSize ()
 Size of the world. More...
void setSize (DVector size)
 Set size of the world. More...
Vector getGravity ()
 Gravity vector. More...
void setGravity (Vector gravity)
 Set gravity vector. More...
bool getDisableLights ()
 All lights are disabled rendering world in full bright. More...
void setDisableLights (bool disable)
 Set if all lights are disabled rendering world in full bright. More...
Color getAmbientLight ()
 Ambient light. More...
void setAmbientLight (Color light)
 Set ambient light. More...
Matrix getLightColorMatrix ()
 Light color matrix. More...
void setLightColorMatrix (Matrix matrix)
 Set light color matrix. More...
SkyInstance getSky ()
 Sky instance or null if not set. More...
void setSky (SkyInstance sky)
 Set sky instance or null if not set. More...
Height terrain
HeightTerrain getHeightTerrain ()
 Hheight terrain or null if not set. More...
void setHeightTerrain (HeightTerrain heightTerrain)
 Set height terrain or null if not set. More...
void addCamera (Camera camera)
 Add camera. More...
void removeCamera (Camera camera)
 Remove camera. More...
void removeAllCameras ()
 Remove all cameras. More...
int getSpeakerCount ()
 Number of speakers. More...
Speaker getSpeakerAt (int index)
 Speaker at index. More...
void addSpeaker (Speaker speaker)
 Add speaker. More...
void removeSpeaker (Speaker speaker)
 Remove speaker. More...
void removeAllSpeakers ()
 Remove all speakers. More...
void addMicrophone (Microphone microphone)
 Add microphone. More...
void removeMicrophone (Microphone microphone)
 Remove microphone. More...
void removeAllMicrophones ()
 Remove all microphones. More...
Network states
void addNetworkState (NetworkState networkState)
 Add network state. More...
void removeNetworkState (NetworkState networkState)
 Remove network state. More...
void removeAllNetworkStates ()
 Remove all network states. More...
void addComponent (Component comp)
 Add component. More...
void removeComponent (Component comp)
 Remove component. More...
void removeAllComponents ()
 Remove all components. More...
void addLight (Light light)
 Add light. More...
void removeLight (Light light)
 Remove light. More...
void removeAllLights ()
 Remove all lights. More...
void addCollider (Collider collider)
 Add collider. More...
void removeCollider (Collider collider)
 Remove collider. More...
void removeAllColliders ()
 Remove all colliders. More...
void addLumimeter (Lumimeter lumimeter)
 Add lumimeter. More...
void removeLumimeter (Lumimeter lumimeter)
 Remove lumimeter. More...
void removeAllLumimeters ()
 Remove all lumimeters. More...
Touch sensors
void addTouchSensor (TouchSensor touchSensor)
 Add touch sensor. More...
void removeTouchSensor (TouchSensor touchSensor)
 Remove touch sensor. More...
void removeAllTouchSensors ()
 Remove all touch sensors. More...
Prop fields
void addPropField (PropField propfield)
 Add prop field. More...
void removePropField (PropField propfield)
 Remove prop field. More...
void removeAllPropFields ()
 Remove all prop fields. More...
Force fields
void addForceField (ForceField forcefield)
 Add force field. More...
void removeForceField (ForceField forcefield)
 Remove force field. More...
void removeAllForceFields ()
 Remove all force fields. More...
Debug drawers
void addDebugDrawer (DebugDrawer debugDrawer)
 Add debug drawer. More...
void removeDebugDrawer (DebugDrawer debugDrawer)
 Remove debug drawer. More...
void removeAllDebugDrawers ()
 Remove all debug drawers. More...
Navigation spaces
void addNavigationSpace (NavigationSpace navspace)
 Add navigation space if absent. More...
void removeNavigationSpace (NavigationSpace navspace)
 Remove navigation space if present. More...
void removeAllNavigationSpaces ()
 Remove all navigation spaces. More...
Navigation blockers
void addNavigationBlocker (NavigationBlocker blocker)
 Add navigation blockers if absent. More...
void removeNavigationBlocker (NavigationBlocker blocker)
 Remove navigation blocker if present. More...
void removeAllNavigationBlockers ()
 Remove all navigation blockers. More...
void addNavigator (Navigator navigator)
 Add navigator if absent. More...
void removeNavigator (Navigator navigator)
 Remove navigator if present. More...
void removeAllNavigators ()
 Remove all navigators. More...
Environment map probes
void addEnvMapProbe (EnvMapProbe envMapProbe)
 Add environment map probe if absent. More...
void removeEnvMapProbe (EnvMapProbe envMapProbe)
 Remove environment map probe if present. More...
void removeAllEnvMapProbes ()
 Remove all environment map probes. More...
Collision detection.
void pointHits (DVector point, ColliderListener listener, CollisionFilter collisionFilter)
 Test a point for collision with colliders. More...
void colliderMoveHits (Collider collider, Vector displacement)
 Moving collider collision test. More...
void rayHits (DVector rayOrigin, Vector rayDirection, ColliderListener listener, CollisionFilter collisionFilter)
 Ray cast intersection test. More...
void rayHitsClosest (DVector rayOrigin, Vector rayDirection, ColliderListener listener, CollisionFilter collisionFilter)
 Closest ray cast intersection test. More...

Detailed Description


This is a native class.

Roland Pl├╝ss

Member Function Documentation

◆ addCamera()

void addCamera ( Camera  camera)

Add camera.

◆ addCollider()

void addCollider ( Collider  collider)

Add collider.

◆ addComponent()

void addComponent ( Component  comp)

Add component.

◆ addDebugDrawer()

void addDebugDrawer ( DebugDrawer  debugDrawer)

Add debug drawer.

◆ addEnvMapProbe()

void addEnvMapProbe ( EnvMapProbe  envMapProbe)

Add environment map probe if absent.

◆ addForceField()

void addForceField ( ForceField  forcefield)

Add force field.

◆ addLight()

void addLight ( Light  light)

Add light.

◆ addLumimeter()

void addLumimeter ( Lumimeter  lumimeter)

Add lumimeter.

◆ addMicrophone()

void addMicrophone ( Microphone  microphone)

Add microphone.

◆ addNavigationBlocker()

void addNavigationBlocker ( NavigationBlocker  blocker)

Add navigation blockers if absent.

◆ addNavigationSpace()

void addNavigationSpace ( NavigationSpace  navspace)

Add navigation space if absent.

◆ addNavigator()

void addNavigator ( Navigator  navigator)

Add navigator if absent.

◆ addNetworkState()

void addNetworkState ( NetworkState  networkState)

Add network state.

◆ addPropField()

void addPropField ( PropField  propfield)

Add prop field.

◆ addSpeaker()

void addSpeaker ( Speaker  speaker)

Add speaker.

◆ addTouchSensor()

void addTouchSensor ( TouchSensor  touchSensor)

Add touch sensor.

◆ colliderMoveHits()

void colliderMoveHits ( Collider  collider,
Vector  displacement 

Moving collider collision test.

Collision listener of collider is called for collisions.

◆ getAmbientLight()

Color getAmbientLight ( )

Ambient light.

◆ getDisableLights()

bool getDisableLights ( )

All lights are disabled rendering world in full bright.

◆ getGravity()

Vector getGravity ( )

Gravity vector.

◆ getHeightTerrain()

HeightTerrain getHeightTerrain ( )

Hheight terrain or null if not set.

◆ getLightColorMatrix()

Matrix getLightColorMatrix ( )

Light color matrix.

◆ getSize()

DVector getSize ( )

Size of the world.

◆ getSky()

SkyInstance getSky ( )

Sky instance or null if not set.

◆ getSpeakerAt()

Speaker getSpeakerAt ( int  index)

Speaker at index.

◆ getSpeakerCount()

int getSpeakerCount ( )

Number of speakers.

◆ new()

World new ( )

Create world.

◆ pointHits()

void pointHits ( DVector  point,
ColliderListener  listener,
CollisionFilter  collisionFilter 

Test a point for collision with colliders.

For each collision the collisionResponse function the given listener is called. To stop testing set StopTesting in the provided collision information object to true.

◆ rayHits()

void rayHits ( DVector  rayOrigin,
Vector  rayDirection,
ColliderListener  listener,
CollisionFilter  collisionFilter 

Ray cast intersection test.

◆ rayHitsClosest()

void rayHitsClosest ( DVector  rayOrigin,
Vector  rayDirection,
ColliderListener  listener,
CollisionFilter  collisionFilter 

Closest ray cast intersection test.

Only closest intersection is reported to listener. rayHits() reports all intersections.

◆ removeAllCameras()

void removeAllCameras ( )

Remove all cameras.

◆ removeAllColliders()

void removeAllColliders ( )

Remove all colliders.

◆ removeAllComponents()

void removeAllComponents ( )

Remove all components.

◆ removeAllDebugDrawers()

void removeAllDebugDrawers ( )

Remove all debug drawers.

◆ removeAllEnvMapProbes()

void removeAllEnvMapProbes ( )

Remove all environment map probes.

◆ removeAllForceFields()

void removeAllForceFields ( )

Remove all force fields.

◆ removeAllLights()

void removeAllLights ( )

Remove all lights.

◆ removeAllLumimeters()

void removeAllLumimeters ( )

Remove all lumimeters.

◆ removeAllMicrophones()

void removeAllMicrophones ( )

Remove all microphones.

◆ removeAllNavigationBlockers()

void removeAllNavigationBlockers ( )

Remove all navigation blockers.

◆ removeAllNavigationSpaces()

void removeAllNavigationSpaces ( )

Remove all navigation spaces.

◆ removeAllNavigators()

void removeAllNavigators ( )

Remove all navigators.

◆ removeAllNetworkStates()

void removeAllNetworkStates ( )

Remove all network states.

◆ removeAllPropFields()

void removeAllPropFields ( )

Remove all prop fields.

◆ removeAllSpeakers()

void removeAllSpeakers ( )

Remove all speakers.

◆ removeAllTouchSensors()

void removeAllTouchSensors ( )

Remove all touch sensors.

◆ removeCamera()

void removeCamera ( Camera  camera)

Remove camera.

◆ removeCollider()

void removeCollider ( Collider  collider)

Remove collider.

◆ removeComponent()

void removeComponent ( Component  comp)

Remove component.

◆ removeDebugDrawer()

void removeDebugDrawer ( DebugDrawer  debugDrawer)

Remove debug drawer.

◆ removeEnvMapProbe()

void removeEnvMapProbe ( EnvMapProbe  envMapProbe)

Remove environment map probe if present.

◆ removeForceField()

void removeForceField ( ForceField  forcefield)

Remove force field.

◆ removeLight()

void removeLight ( Light  light)

Remove light.

◆ removeLumimeter()

void removeLumimeter ( Lumimeter  lumimeter)

Remove lumimeter.

◆ removeMicrophone()

void removeMicrophone ( Microphone  microphone)

Remove microphone.

◆ removeNavigationBlocker()

void removeNavigationBlocker ( NavigationBlocker  blocker)

Remove navigation blocker if present.

◆ removeNavigationSpace()

void removeNavigationSpace ( NavigationSpace  navspace)

Remove navigation space if present.

◆ removeNavigator()

void removeNavigator ( Navigator  navigator)

Remove navigator if present.

◆ removeNetworkState()

void removeNetworkState ( NetworkState  networkState)

Remove network state.

◆ removePropField()

void removePropField ( PropField  propfield)

Remove prop field.

◆ removeSpeaker()

void removeSpeaker ( Speaker  speaker)

Remove speaker.

◆ removeTouchSensor()

void removeTouchSensor ( TouchSensor  touchSensor)

Remove touch sensor.

◆ setAmbientLight()

void setAmbientLight ( Color  light)

Set ambient light.

◆ setDisableLights()

void setDisableLights ( bool  disable)

Set if all lights are disabled rendering world in full bright.

◆ setGravity()

void setGravity ( Vector  gravity)

Set gravity vector.

◆ setHeightTerrain()

void setHeightTerrain ( HeightTerrain  heightTerrain)

Set height terrain or null if not set.

◆ setLightColorMatrix()

void setLightColorMatrix ( Matrix  matrix)

Set light color matrix.

◆ setSize()

void setSize ( DVector  size)

Set size of the world.

◆ setSky()

void setSky ( SkyInstance  sky)

Set sky instance or null if not set.

◆ update()

void update ( float  elapsed)

Update the world.

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