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WorldDecal Class Reference

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class  Instance

Public Member Functions

void createDecals (CollisionFilter collisionFilter)
void dropDecals ()
GameWorld getGameWorld ()
UniqueID getID ()
WorldDecal new ()
void setGameWorld (GameWorld gameWorld)
void setID (UniqueID id)
void setOrientation (Quaternion orientation)
void setPosition (DVector position)
void setSize (Vector size)
void setSkin (Skin skin)
void setVisible (bool visible)

Detailed Description

World Decal.

Manages a world decal. World decals are a helper class to help manage decals placed in the world instead of being attached to a component. Such decals can spread across multiple world elements. Each element requires an own copy of the decal to yield the proper result. This class stores the decal definition and creates the correct number of engine decals.

Roland Pl├╝ss

Member Function Documentation

◆ createDecals()

void createDecals ( CollisionFilter  collisionFilter)

Creates the decal instances.

◆ dropDecals()

void dropDecals ( )

Drops the decal instances.

◆ getGameWorld()

GameWorld getGameWorld ( )

Retrieves the game world or null if not attached.

◆ getID()

UniqueID getID ( )

Retrieves the unique id or null if not set.

◆ new()

WorldDecal new ( )

Creates a new world decal.

◆ setGameWorld()

void setGameWorld ( GameWorld  gameWorld)

Sets the game world or null if not attached.

◆ setID()

void setID ( UniqueID  id)

Sets the unique id or null to unset it.

◆ setOrientation()

void setOrientation ( Quaternion  orientation)

Sets the orientation.

◆ setPosition()

void setPosition ( DVector  position)

Sets the position.

◆ setSize()

void setSize ( Vector  size)

Sets the size.

◆ setSkin()

void setSkin ( Skin  skin)

Sets the skin.

◆ setVisible()

void setVisible ( bool  visible)

Sets the visiblity.

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