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SpeechAnimationPhoneme Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

int getController ()
int getIPA ()
float getLength ()
String getMoveName ()
SpeechAnimationPhoneme new (int ipa, float length, String moveName)
void setController (int controller)

Detailed Description

Speech animation Phoneme.

Roland Pl├╝ss

Member Function Documentation

◆ getController()

int getController ( )

Retrieves the animator controller index or -1 if not assigned.

◆ getIPA()

int getIPA ( )

Retrieves the ipa symbol.

◆ getLength()

float getLength ( )

Retrieves the length.

◆ getMoveName()

String getMoveName ( )

Retrieves the move name.

◆ new()

SpeechAnimationPhoneme new ( int  ipa,
float  length,
String  moveName 

Creates a new speech animation phoneme.

◆ setController()

void setController ( int  controller)

Sets the animator controller index or -1 if not assigned.

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