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SpeechAnimationPlayback Class Reference
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class  Phoneme

Public Member Functions

void addPhoneme (SpeechAnimationPhoneme phoneme, float duration)
AnimatorInstance getAnimatorInstance ()
float getDuration ()
float getElapsed ()
bool getSpeaking ()
SpeechAnimation getSpeechAnimation ()
SpeechAnimationPlayback new ()
void readFromFile (PersistencyEnvironment env, FileReader reader)
void removeAllPhonemes ()
void setSpeechAnimation (SpeechAnimation speechAnimation)
void update (float elapsed)
void writeToFile (PersistencyEnvironment env, FileWriter writer)

Detailed Description

Speech animation Playback.

Roland Pl├╝ss

Member Function Documentation

◆ addPhoneme()

void addPhoneme ( SpeechAnimationPhoneme  phoneme,
float  duration 

Adds a speak phoneme.

◆ getAnimatorInstance()

AnimatorInstance getAnimatorInstance ( )

Retrieves the animator instance.

◆ getDuration()

float getDuration ( )

Retrieves the duration of the speaking.

◆ getElapsed()

float getElapsed ( )

Retrieves the elapsed time.

◆ getSpeaking()

bool getSpeaking ( )

Determines if the playback is still running.

◆ getSpeechAnimation()

SpeechAnimation getSpeechAnimation ( )

Retrieves the speech animation or null if not assigned.

◆ new()

Creates a new speech animation playback.

◆ readFromFile()

void readFromFile ( PersistencyEnvironment  env,
FileReader  reader 

Reads the element from a file.

◆ removeAllPhonemes()

void removeAllPhonemes ( )

Remove all phonemes.

◆ setSpeechAnimation()

void setSpeechAnimation ( SpeechAnimation  speechAnimation)

Sets the speech animation or null if not assigned.

◆ update()

void update ( float  elapsed)

Updates the speech animation.

◆ writeToFile()

void writeToFile ( PersistencyEnvironment  env,
FileWriter  writer 

Writes the element to a file.

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