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TSTriggerExpressionList Class Reference

List of trigger expressions. More...

Inheritance diagram for TSTriggerExpressionList:

Public Member Functions

void addExpression (TSTriggerExpression expression)
 Add expression. More...
void forEach (Block ablock)
 Visit expressions with block with parameter TSTriggerExpression. More...
TSTriggerExpression getExpressionAt (int position)
 Expression at position. More...
int getExpressionCount ()
 Number of expressions. More...
TSTriggerExpressionList new ()
 Create trigger expression list. More...
void removeAllExpressions ()
 Remove all expressions. More...
void removeExpression (TSTriggerExpression expression)
 Remove expression. More...
void writeToFile (FileWriter writer, TSTriggerExpressionParser parser)
 Write trigger expression list to file. More...

Detailed Description

List of trigger expressions.

Member Function Documentation

◆ addExpression()

void addExpression ( TSTriggerExpression  expression)

Add expression.

◆ forEach()

void forEach ( Block  ablock)

Visit expressions with block with parameter TSTriggerExpression.

◆ getExpressionAt()

TSTriggerExpression getExpressionAt ( int  position)

Expression at position.

◆ getExpressionCount()

int getExpressionCount ( )

Number of expressions.

◆ new()

Create trigger expression list.

◆ removeAllExpressions()

void removeAllExpressions ( )

Remove all expressions.

◆ removeExpression()

void removeExpression ( TSTriggerExpression  expression)

Remove expression.

◆ writeToFile()

void writeToFile ( FileWriter  writer,
TSTriggerExpressionParser  parser 

Write trigger expression list to file.

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