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TSTriggerExpressionParser Class Reference
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class  ParserState

Public Member Functions

String expressionComponentToString (TSTriggerExpressionComponent component, bool grouping)
String expressionToString (TSTriggerExpression expression)
TSTriggerExpressionParser new ()
TSTriggerExpressionComponent parseExpressionComponent (ParserState state, bool requireEnd, bool initCurState, bool initNegate)
String parseTargetName (ParserState state, bool quoted)
String quoteTriggerName (String name)
TSTriggerExpression stringToExpression (String string)

Detailed Description

Creates a TSTriggerExpression object from a string representation. Also allows to turn a TSTriggerExpression object into a string representation. This is done in a separate class as the representation could potentially be different in different implementations.

Roland Pl├╝ss

Member Function Documentation

◆ expressionComponentToString()

String expressionComponentToString ( TSTriggerExpressionComponent  component,
bool  grouping 

Create string from a trigger expression component.

◆ expressionToString()

String expressionToString ( TSTriggerExpression  expression)

Create string from a trigger expression.

◆ new()

Creates a new trigger expression parser.

◆ parseExpressionComponent()

TSTriggerExpressionComponent parseExpressionComponent ( ParserState  state,
bool  requireEnd,
bool  initCurState,
bool  initNegate 

Parse an expression component.

◆ parseTargetName()

String parseTargetName ( ParserState  state,
bool  quoted 

Parse trigger name.

◆ quoteTriggerName()

String quoteTriggerName ( String  name)

Retrieves a properly quoted version of a trigger name.

◆ stringToExpression()

TSTriggerExpression stringToExpression ( String  string)

Create trigger expression from a string.

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