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AnimatorMap Class Reference

Animator map. More...

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Public Member Functions

void forEach (Block ablock)
 Visit animators with block. More...
int getCount ()
 Number of animators. More...
StringID getNamed (StringID name)
 Animator for name or null if not found. More...
bool hasNamed (StringID name)
 Animator for name is present. More...
AnimatorMap new ()
 Create animator map. More...
AnimatorMap new (AnimatorMap copy)
 Create copy of animator map. More...
void removeAll ()
 Remove all animators. More...
void removeNamed (StringID name)
 Remove animator transition for name. More...
void setNamed (StringID name, StringID animator)
 Set animator for name. More...

Detailed Description

Animator map.

Maps names to animator names. The names are game script specific and can be any kind of identifier used to pick the correct animator. This class is similar to AnimatorTransitionMap but only maps the animator name. For example this class can be used to store different animators for using objects depending on the state of the actor using it. In this example the names would be actor state names while the stored animator names match a list of named animators the game scripts loaded earlier.

Basically this is a wrapper around a Dictionary mapping StringID to StringID for convenience since this kind of map is usually used often.

Pl├╝ss Roland

Member Function Documentation

◆ forEach()

void forEach ( Block  ablock)

Visit animators with block.

First block parameter is name (StringID). Second block parameter is animator (StringID).

◆ getCount()

int getCount ( )

Number of animators.

◆ getNamed()

StringID getNamed ( StringID  name)

Animator for name or null if not found.

◆ hasNamed()

bool hasNamed ( StringID  name)

Animator for name is present.

◆ new() [1/2]

AnimatorMap new ( )

Create animator map.

◆ new() [2/2]

AnimatorMap new ( AnimatorMap  copy)

Create copy of animator map.

◆ removeAll()

void removeAll ( )

Remove all animators.

◆ removeNamed()

void removeNamed ( StringID  name)

Remove animator transition for name.

◆ setNamed()

void setNamed ( StringID  name,
StringID  animator 

Set animator for name.

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