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BoxAreaList Class Reference

List of box areas. More...

Inheritance diagram for BoxAreaList:

Public Member Functions

void add (BoxArea boxArea)
 Add box area. More...
void forEach (Block ablock)
 Visit box areas with block with parameter BoxArea. More...
BoxArea getAt (int index)
 Box area at index. More...
int getCount ()
 Number of box areas. More...
BoxAreaList new ()
 Create box area list. More...
BoxAreaList new (BoxAreaList copy)
 Create copy of box area list. More...
void remove (BoxArea boxArea)
 Remove box area. More...
void removeAll ()
 Remove all box areas. More...

Detailed Description

List of box areas.

Member Function Documentation

◆ add()

void add ( BoxArea  boxArea)

Add box area.

◆ forEach()

void forEach ( Block  ablock)

Visit box areas with block with parameter BoxArea.

◆ getAt()

BoxArea getAt ( int  index)

Box area at index.

◆ getCount()

int getCount ( )

Number of box areas.

◆ new() [1/2]

BoxAreaList new ( )

Create box area list.

◆ new() [2/2]

BoxAreaList new ( BoxAreaList  copy)

Create copy of box area list.

◆ remove()

void remove ( BoxArea  boxArea)

Remove box area.

◆ removeAll()

void removeAll ( )

Remove all box areas.

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