Drag[en]gine Script Module DragonScript Script API  1.0
ConsoleMessage Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

String getMessage ()
int getTimeStamp ()
String getUser ()
bool isSystemMessage ()
ConsoleMessage new (int timeStamp, String user, String message)

Public Attributes

String pMessage
int pTimeStamp
String pUser

Detailed Description

Contains a message send to the console. Stored is the timestamp of the message, the user that send the message and the message itself.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getMessage()

String getMessage ( )

Retrieves the message send

the message

◆ getTimeStamp()

int getTimeStamp ( )

Retrieves the time stamp of the message

time stamp of the message

◆ getUser()

String getUser ( )

Retrieves the user sending the message. This is null if no user but the system has send the message.

user sending the message.

◆ isSystemMessage()

bool isSystemMessage ( )

Determines if this is a System Message. System messages do have no user assigned.

True if this is a System Message

◆ new()

ConsoleMessage new ( int  timeStamp,
String  user,
String  message 

Create a new message. If the message comes from the system and thus from no specific user the user has to be the empty string.

timeStampTimeStamp of the message
userUser sending the message or null if the system
messageThe message itself

Member Data Documentation

◆ pMessage

String pMessage

The message

◆ pTimeStamp

int pTimeStamp

Timestamp of the message

◆ pUser

String pUser

User sending the message

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