Drag[en]gine Script Module DragonScript Script API  1.0
StyledTextRendering Class Reference

Render styled text information. More...

Inheritance diagram for StyledTextRendering:

Public Member Functions

void addElement (STRElement element)
 Add element. More...
void addToCanvas (CanvasView canvas, Point position)
 Add canvas for each element. More...
void forEachElement (Block ablock)
 Visit elements with block with STRElement as parameter. More...
STRElement getElementAt (int index)
 Element at index. More...
int getElementCount ()
 Number of elements. More...
Point getSize ()
 Size in pixels. More...
StyledTextRendering new ()
 Create styled text rendering object. More...
void removeAllElements ()
 Remove all elements. More...
void setBackgroundColor (Color color)
 Set background color. More...
void setSize (Point size)
 Set size in pixels. More...

Detailed Description

Render styled text information.

Member Function Documentation

◆ addElement()

void addElement ( STRElement  element)

Add element.

◆ addToCanvas()

void addToCanvas ( CanvasView  canvas,
Point  position 

Add canvas for each element.

Canvas has to be of type Canvas.VIEW. Caller is responsible to remove all canvas if required.

◆ forEachElement()

void forEachElement ( Block  ablock)

Visit elements with block with STRElement as parameter.

◆ getElementAt()

STRElement getElementAt ( int  index)

Element at index.

◆ getElementCount()

int getElementCount ( )

Number of elements.

◆ getSize()

Point getSize ( )

Size in pixels.

◆ new()

Create styled text rendering object.

◆ removeAllElements()

void removeAllElements ( )

Remove all elements.

◆ setBackgroundColor()

void setBackgroundColor ( Color  color)

Set background color.

◆ setSize()

void setSize ( Point  size)

Set size in pixels.

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