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TextLayoutLine Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

void addToCanvas (TextLayout layout, CanvasView canvas, int x, int y)
int getCharCount ()
int getFirstChar ()
int getHeight ()
int getWidth ()
int getX ()
int getY ()
TextLayoutLine new (int first, int count, int width, int height)
void setX (int x)
void setY (int y)

Detailed Description

Line of text in a TextLayout object. All needed informations are stored in the text line object. Can add a text canvas representing the line to a view canvas.

Roland Pl├╝ss

Member Function Documentation

◆ addToCanvas()

void addToCanvas ( TextLayout  layout,
CanvasView  canvas,
int  x,
int  y 

Add text canvas for layout line to view type canvas. The order of the created canvas is set to the count of canvas.

◆ getCharCount()

int getCharCount ( )

Number of characters in the line.

◆ getFirstChar()

int getFirstChar ( )

Index of first character in the line.

◆ getHeight()

int getHeight ( )

Height of the line.

◆ getWidth()

int getWidth ( )

Width of the line.

◆ getX()

int getX ( )

X position of the line.

◆ getY()

int getY ( )

Y position of the line.

◆ new()

TextLayoutLine new ( int  first,
int  count,
int  width,
int  height 

Creates a new text line with the given parameters.

◆ setX()

void setX ( int  x)

Set x position of text line.

◆ setY()

void setY ( int  y)

Set y position of text line.

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