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CanvasCreator Interface Reference

Interface able to create canvas for widgets. More...

Inheritance diagram for CanvasCreator:
DefaultCanvasCreator BevelCanvasCreator ImageBorderCanvasCreator ImageCanvasCreator RectangleCanvasCreator

Public Member Functions

CanvasCreator copyCanvasCreator ()
 Create copy of canvas creator. More...
Canvas createCanvas (Point size)
 Create canvas for a specific widget size. More...
void setParameter (String name, Object value)
 Set parameter. More...

Detailed Description

Interface able to create canvas for widgets.

Canvas creators are used to implement the graphic representation of widgets. Allows replacing the look of widgets using GuiTheme.

Roland Pl├╝ss

Member Function Documentation

◆ copyCanvasCreator()

CanvasCreator copyCanvasCreator ( )

◆ createCanvas()

Canvas createCanvas ( Point  size)

Create canvas for a specific widget size.

Implemented in ImageBorderCanvasCreator, BevelCanvasCreator, RectangleCanvasCreator, ImageCanvasCreator, and DefaultCanvasCreator.

◆ setParameter()

void setParameter ( String  name,
Object  value 

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