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ComboBoxEditor Interface Reference

Editor for a combo box. More...

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Public Member Functions

void addActionListener (ActionListener listener)
 Add action listener. More...
Object getEditorValue ()
 Get editor value. More...
Widget getWidget ()
 Get widget to use for editing. More...
void removeActionListener (ActionListener listener)
 Remove action listener. More...
void setEditorValue (Object object)
 Set editor value to object or null to clear. More...
void startEditing ()
 Start editing. More...

Detailed Description

Editor for a combo box.

Roland Pl├╝ss

Member Function Documentation

◆ addActionListener()

void addActionListener ( ActionListener  listener)

Add action listener.

Action listener is called whenever the edited object changes.

Implemented in DefaultComboBoxEditor.

◆ getEditorValue()

Object getEditorValue ( )

Get editor value.

The returned object can be the one previously set by setEditorValue() if unchanged or a new object if changed.

Implemented in DefaultComboBoxEditor.

◆ getWidget()

Widget getWidget ( )

Get widget to use for editing.

Implemented in DefaultComboBoxEditor.

◆ removeActionListener()

void removeActionListener ( ActionListener  listener)

Remove action listener.

Implemented in DefaultComboBoxEditor.

◆ setEditorValue()

void setEditorValue ( Object  object)

Set editor value to object or null to clear.

object is garanteed to not be modified by the editor.

Implemented in DefaultComboBoxEditor.

◆ startEditing()

void startEditing ( )

Start editing.

Typically this selects the entire text or otherwise prepare editor for directly manipulating the set value. There is no stop editing call since the widget is hidden in this case.

Implemented in DefaultComboBoxEditor.

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