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WidgetListener Interface Reference

Widget event listener interface. More...

Inheritance diagram for WidgetListener:
DefaultWidgetListener ComboBox.PopupWidgetListener

Public Member Functions

void onWidgetDispose (WidgetEvent event)
 Widget is disposing. More...
void onWidgetHidden (WidgetEvent event)
 Widget has been hidden. More...
void onWidgetReposition (WidgetEvent event)
 Widget position changed. More...
void onWidgetResize (WidgetEvent event)
 Widget size changed. More...
void onWidgetShown (WidgetEvent event)
 Widget has been shown. More...

Detailed Description

Widget event listener interface.

Roland Pl├╝ss

Member Function Documentation

◆ onWidgetDispose()

void onWidgetDispose ( WidgetEvent  event)

Widget is disposing.

Implemented in DefaultWidgetListener.

◆ onWidgetHidden()

void onWidgetHidden ( WidgetEvent  event)

Widget has been hidden.

Implemented in ComboBox.PopupWidgetListener, and DefaultWidgetListener.

◆ onWidgetReposition()

void onWidgetReposition ( WidgetEvent  event)

Widget position changed.

Implemented in DefaultWidgetListener.

◆ onWidgetResize()

void onWidgetResize ( WidgetEvent  event)

Widget size changed.

Implemented in DefaultWidgetListener.

◆ onWidgetShown()

void onWidgetShown ( WidgetEvent  event)

Widget has been shown.

Implemented in DefaultWidgetListener.

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