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WindowListener Interface Reference

Window event listener interface. More...

Inheritance diagram for WindowListener:
DefaultWindowListener InteractiveMainMenu.WindowCloseDeactivateHotSpot

Public Member Functions

void onWindowActivated (WindowEvent event)
 Window has been activated. More...
void onWindowClosing (WindowEvent event)
 Window is closing. More...
void onWindowDeactivated (WindowEvent event)
 Window has been deactivated. More...
void onWindowMaximized (WindowEvent event)
 Window state switch to maximized. More...
void onWindowMinimized (WindowEvent event)
 Window state switch to minimized. More...
void onWindowRestored (WindowEvent event)
 Window state switch to normal. More...

Detailed Description

Window event listener interface.

Roland Pl├╝ss

Member Function Documentation

◆ onWindowActivated()

void onWindowActivated ( WindowEvent  event)

Window has been activated.

Implemented in DefaultWindowListener.

◆ onWindowClosing()

void onWindowClosing ( WindowEvent  event)

◆ onWindowDeactivated()

void onWindowDeactivated ( WindowEvent  event)

Window has been deactivated.

Implemented in DefaultWindowListener.

◆ onWindowMaximized()

void onWindowMaximized ( WindowEvent  event)

Window state switch to maximized.

Implemented in DefaultWindowListener.

◆ onWindowMinimized()

void onWindowMinimized ( WindowEvent  event)

Window state switch to minimized.

Implemented in DefaultWindowListener.

◆ onWindowRestored()

void onWindowRestored ( WindowEvent  event)

Window state switch to normal.

Implemented in DefaultWindowListener.

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