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TextModel Interface Reference
Inheritance diagram for TextModel:
DefaultTextModel RangeTextModel

Public Member Functions

void addNotifier (TextModelNotifier notifier)
String getText ()
void removeNotifier (TextModelNotifier notifier)
void setText (String text)

Detailed Description

Manages a text string.

Member Function Documentation

◆ addNotifier()

void addNotifier ( TextModelNotifier  notifier)

Adds a text model notifier.

notifierNotifier to add

Implemented in DefaultTextModel.

◆ getText()

String getText ( )

Retrieve the text string.

text string

Implemented in DefaultTextModel.

◆ removeNotifier()

void removeNotifier ( TextModelNotifier  notifier)

Removes a text model notifier.

notifierNotifier to remove

Implemented in DefaultTextModel.

◆ setText()

void setText ( String  text)

Sets the text string.

textText string

Implemented in RangeTextModel, and DefaultTextModel.

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