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ConnectionListener Interface Reference

Connection listener interface. More...

Public Member Functions

void connectionEstablished ()
 Connection established. More...
void connectionFailed ()
 Connection failed. More...
void connectionClosed ()
 Connection has been closed by the local or remote host. More...
void messageProgress (int bytesReceived)
 A long message is in progress of receiving. More...
void messageReceived (NetworkMessage message)
 A message has been received. More...
NetworkState linkState (NetworkMessage message)
 Host send state to link. More...

Detailed Description

Connection listener interface.

This is a native class.

Roland Pl├╝ss

Member Function Documentation

◆ connectionClosed()

void connectionClosed ( )

Connection has been closed by the local or remote host.

◆ connectionEstablished()

void connectionEstablished ( )

Connection established.

◆ connectionFailed()

void connectionFailed ( )

Connection failed.

◆ linkState()

NetworkState linkState ( NetworkMessage  message)

Host send state to link.

If state can not be linked an error send back to the other host.

State to link to or null if link can not be established.

◆ messageProgress()

void messageProgress ( int  bytesReceived)

A long message is in progress of receiving.

◆ messageReceived()

void messageReceived ( NetworkMessage  message)

A message has been received.

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