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PreloadListener Interface Reference

Listener interface for objects supporting preloading. More...

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Public Member Functions

void preloadingFinished (Preloader preloader, bool success)
 Preloading of all resources finished. More...
void resourcesFinished (Preloader preloader)
 One or more resources finished preloading but. More...

Detailed Description

Listener interface for objects supporting preloading.

Used by objects preloading more than one resource. Sends notification each time the state of preloading changes. This includes resources having finished preloading and preloading of the entire object having finished either successfully or failed.

Roland Pl├╝ss

Member Function Documentation

◆ preloadingFinished()

void preloadingFinished ( Preloader  preloader,
bool  success 

Preloading of all resources finished.

preloaderPreloader sending event.
successIf true all resources preloaded successfully and the object is ready to use. If false one or more resources failed to preload and the object is potentially invalid to use safely.

Implemented in DefaultPreloadListener.

◆ resourcesFinished()

void resourcesFinished ( Preloader  preloader)

One or more resources finished preloading but.

preloaderPreloader sending event.

Implemented in DefaultPreloadListener.

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