Drag[en]gine Script Module DragonScript Script API  1.0
ConsoleNotifier Interface Reference

Public Member Functions

void consoleCleared (Console console)
void messageAdded (Console console, ConsoleMessage message, bool removedTop)

Detailed Description

Notification Interface used to notify views about changes to the Console objekt due to messages having arrived or deleted.

Member Function Documentation

§ consoleCleared()

void consoleCleared ( Console  console)

Send if the console has been cleared.

consoleThe console sending the notification

§ messageAdded()

void messageAdded ( Console  console,
ConsoleMessage  message,
bool  removedTop 

Send if a message has been added to the console

consoleThe console sending the notification
messageThe message that has been added
removedTopTrue if the topmost message had to be removed to be able to add the new message

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