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OpenGL Graphic Module

Engine Module NameOpenGL
Module TypeGraphic Module
Module AuthorDragonlord
Module Homepagehttp://dragengine.rptd.ch
Compatible Systems
  • Linux
  • Windows 7
  • Windows XP [Notes]
  • OpenGL (3)


Uses the OpenGL library to render the game on screen. The module requires the GLSL to be present to work. Most current to modern graphic boards do support this shader language. This module take also advantage of other OpenGL extensions if present. This module uses rather performance hungry operations so this is a module for better equipped computers. In general any OpenGL 3 compatible graphic card should be able to run this Graphic Module.


This list describes what rendering features the module supports. Not included are features that are not completed yet. More features will be added here once they are done.

  • Deferred Rendering
  • High Definition Range Rendering
  • Adaptive tone mapping (Modified Reinhard operator)
  • Gamma correct rendering
  • No light source limitation in general
  • Modified CLOD for height terrains
  • Dynamic shadow mapping with PCF support
  • Pyramid shadow mapping with PCF for semi-point lights
  • Cascaded shadow mapping with PCF for sky lights
  • Colored shadows
  • Transparent shadow casting
  • Projective Lighting (images as light textures)
  • Octree Scene Graphing
  • GLSL 1.3
  • Masked and fully transparency rendering
  • Normal Mapping
  • Specularity
  • Self emission
  • Mirrors
  • Reflectivity (currently sky-only)
  • Ambient-Occlusion
  • Renderable Textures
  • Post Processing
  • Progressive Optimization
  • Portal System (in-door occlusion culling)
  • Hardware Occlusion-Culling


This module runs with any Unix distribution and Windows systems. Tested and known to work are Windows XP SP1+ and Windows 7. Windows Vista is not tested yet but should work. Support for Macintosh is planed for the future (if i get my hands on a mac that is).

Note: This module is not finished yet. More features will be added over time.