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Basic Recovery Module

Engine Module NameBasicRecovery
Module TypeCrash Recovery Module
Module AuthorDragonlord
Module Homepagehttp://dragengine.rptd.ch
Compatible Systems
  • Linux
  • Windows 7
  • Windows XP
  • FOX Toolkit (1.6)


Provides basic crash recovery support using the FOX Toolkit. Allows the user to restart failed systems and to change modules. Provides first version of Exception Trace Tree. This module is part of the Drag[en]gine distribution and is the standard module if the FOX toolkit is present.

The recovery screen contains 4 panels to deal with a problem during run-time. For users the first two panels are the most interesting ones. They contain a summary of the state of the engine with all module systems listed, which modules are loaded and if they are running or stopped due to an error. You can then start and stop individual modules as well as switching to another module. This can be useful if a module refuses to work so you can still continue to play. The second panel contains a list of module parameters that can be modified. If a crash happens this is the first place to start looking. Often changing a value to a more conservative setting gets you across the problem.

For module developers and power users there are two additional panels. One panel contains a detailed error trace which is also useful for sending in debug reports. The other panel contains a console interface to get direct access to engine modules. You can send commands to the module to trigger actions or to get informations about what could cause the problem. The available commands is not defined by the game engine and varies from module to module. At least the help command has to be present.


Some screenshots of the crash recovery module in action.