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OpenAL Audio Module

Engine Module NameOpenAL
Module TypeAudio Module
Module AuthorDragonlord
Module Homepagehttp://dragengine.rptd.ch
Compatible Systems
  • Linux
  • Windows 7
  • Windows XP
  • OpenAL (1.1)


Uses the OpenAL library to output audio. The module requires the OpenAL library installed. OpenAL provides 3D sound output in a crossplatform. Sound effects are though only supported if the EAX/EFX extension is supported. This module is still very young and provides currently only basic audio output but more will come soon.


This module runs with any Unix distribution and Windows systems. Tested and known to work are Windows XP SP1+ and Windows 7. Windows Vista is not tested yet but should work. Lower windows versions have to bet tested first. MacOS should work too since there exists an OpenAL package for this system. MacOS is though not yet officially supported.

Note: This module is not finished yet. More features will be added over time.