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Language Pack Module

Engine Module Type StringLanguagePack
Module Type UsageMultiple Type


Language Pack Modules enable the Drag[en]gine to load a language pack from a file or to save a language pack to a file. Language Pack modules are Multiple Type Modules hence you can install more than one Language Pack module at the same time. Launchers typically search missing Language Pack modules for you so you have only those installed that your games really use.

Module Developer Informations

Language Pack resources store translations for games. Every language pack contains a list entries as well as translation options. The name and description property retrieves the name of the language as well as a little description written in the language itself. The missing text property defines a text string to use if a translation can not be found and is written in the language itself. Each translation entry contains a key written in ASCII as well as the translation written in the language. All text written in the foreign language are stored as UTF-8 encoded text. Language packs are intended to be used with a deTranslator object.

Language Pack modules contain only two functions one for loading a language pack from a file and the other for saving a language pack to a file. There are no additional informations stored otherwise.

See the following classes to get started with Language Pack modules:

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