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Rig Module

Engine Module Type StringRig
Module Type UsageMultiple Type


Rig modules enable the Drag[en]gine to load a rig from a file or to save a rig to a file. Rig modules are Multiple Type Modules hence you can install more than one Rig module at the same time. Launchers typically search missing Rig modules for you so you have only those installed that your games really use.

Module Developer Informations

Rig resources store various informations about a skeleton applied to a model. For animations the rig contains a list of bones. For each bone the relative position to their parent is stored as well as the parent bone. Top bones have their parent set to -1 which indicates no parent. For physics simulations each bone contains also a list of physical parameters as well as a list of collision shapes. It is possible to use a collision mesh but this is slower than using collision volumes.

Rig modules contain only two functions one for loading a rig from a file and the other for saving a rig to a file. There are no additional informations stored otherwise.

See the following classes to get started with Rig modules:

Detailed informations can be found here:

Note: The definition of rig resources will change until the first release.