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Height Terrain Navigation Space

Drag[en]ginePosted Sat 11th Jun 2016 at 11:59:48 by Dragonlord Authorized by Dragonlord

A little candy before the next news post comes around.

There is currently a lot of work going on about game mechanics and more but more will be not disclosed yet. In the mean time to bridge the time until all is prepared for the news post have some Drag[en]gine goodies that also took place during this time. The focus in this news post is on Height Terrain Navigation Spaces and Navigation Space Optimizations. So no long words but instead a video.

ModDB: Height Terrain Navigation Space

And here a little short-list of what else went on that is Drag[en]gine specific.

  • Improving synthesizer (basic effects, loader scripts), dynamic music scripts and announcer scripts
  • Improving OpenAL handling limited hardware voices
  • Android debugging, speed improvements (armeabi-v7a-hard support) and android mess-up fixing
  • Working on "test project" for first time users to learn the ropes
  • Lots of improvements and new features on world, conversation and other editors
  • Various fixes and improvements on Blender export scripts
  • Various fixes and improvements on light/ambient handling with shadows
  • Eventually fixing the annoying libPNG problem
  • Navigation Spaces support on Height Terrains
  • Removing old and deprecated code to get closer to release state
  • Navigation Space Blocking improved with Optimization Pass
  • Navigation Space Linking improved for easier and more predictable use

So long until the real big news post comes around.