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Drag[en]gine Integrated Game Development Environment (IGDE)

The IGDE is the main work place to create your games with. It provides a single application with various editors and tools to create games using the Drag[en]gine Game Engine. The editor is written in a way to use the game engine for real-time preview of the created content but without implementing the editor in the game engine itself. This prevents various problems with performance, stability and especially usability. Without a proper OS specific surface the editor could not hook into the operating system and would end up as a bloated tool like UDK and others. This way though game developers get a tool that looks feels like their native OS applications while giving them all the benefits of using the game engine directly for previewing the game content.


The IGDE is based on housing a bunch of editors for game content. To create a game you create first a game project. Inside this game project all data is located and organized to keep projects well structured to work fast and easily. The editors can be improved with OS specific editors depending on the needs. The following editors are available in the IGDE:

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