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Texture Property Namenormal.solidity.multiplier
DescriptionDefines the multiplier for the normal texture property mask
Excepted Data Source1 component value
Data Range0 to 1
Default Value1
Affected ModulesGraphic
Linked Properties


The normal.solidity.multiplier texture property defines the multiplier for the solidity texture property affecting the mask as used with decals. The decal mask defines the blending between each texel and the underneath geometry. The solidity is used as the mask. Using this texture property the influence of the solidity mask can be adjusted. This can be useful to alter the effect of the normal texture property independently of the other texture properties applied by a decal. For all other geometry types this texture property has no effect.

The value is typically a single component value with the data in the range from 0 to 1. 0 represents 0% influence while 1 represents 100% influence of the solidity texture property.

The default value for this texture property is 1.

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