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 ====== The Drag[en]gine Wiki ====== ====== The Drag[en]gine Wiki ======
 {{  http://​​pics/​dragengine_logo.png ​ }} {{  http://​​pics/​dragengine_logo.png ​ }}
-Welcome to the Wiki for the Drag[en]gine Game Engine. This Wiki is designed to give game developers, module designers and launcher developers informations about how to use this game engine as well as informations for modding one of the game titles. Included is also a section about the DragonScript Scripting Language made for this project. Since this is a Wiki you can add your own informations,​ experiences or tips. Some sections are locked for editing by the core team but most of the pages are open to the public.+Welcome to the Drag[en]gine Game Engine Wiki!
-====== Drag[en]gine related Topics ====== +The objective of this Wiki is to provide developers with enough information and resources to employ the game engine to their own projects or "​creatively modify" ​:-) games that are based on it. In addition, a special section of this documentation effort has been devoted to the DragonScript Scripting Language that was specifically developed for this project. ​
-  * [[dragengine:about|About ​the Drag[en]gine Game Engine]] +
-  * [[dragengine:​features|Features]] +
-  * [[dragengine:​techInfos|Technical Informations]]+
 +Of course, the whole idea about having this wiki is that it can be extended through the knowledge and experience of the project'​s core team but most importantly the experience of any of you adventurous and curious tinkerers out there who take the time to get involved with the inner workings of this project.
-====== Game Development related topics ​====== +We are happy to have you browsing this showcase of our efforts and we hope you enjoy it as much as we have so far! 
-  * [[gamedev:​main|Game ​development informations]] + 
-  * [[epsylon:​main|Epsylon ​modding informations]] +<WRAP column 45%> 
-  * [[dragonscript:​main|DragonScript ​scripting language]]+<WRAP boxheader>​ 
 +====== ​The Game Engine ​====== 
 +<WRAP boxcontent>​ 
 +  * [[dragengine:​about|Introducing Drag[en]gine]] 
 +  * [[dragengine:​features|Features]] ( [[dragengine:​featurelist|Overview Listing]] ) 
 +  * [[dragengine:​glem|GLEM System (Game Launcher Engine Modules)]] 
 +  * [[dragengine:​modules:​main|Modules System (with module listing)]] 
 +    * [[dragengine:​modules:​opengl:​main|OpenGL Graphic Module]] 
 +    * [[dragengine:​modules:​dragonscript:​main|DragonScript Script Module]] 
 +<WRAP column 45%> 
 +<WRAP boxheader>​ 
 +====== Developing Your Own Games ====== 
 +<WRAP boxcontent>​ 
 +  * [[gamedev:​main|Game ​Development With The Drag[en]gine]] 
 +  * [[epsylon:​main|Modding The Epsylon ​Project]] 
 +  * [[dragengine:​modules:​dragonscript:​main|DragonScript ​Scripting Language]] 
 +<WRAP clear></​WRAP>​
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